Finally, a Role for the Development Manager

Agile teams are self-organized, which means they
operate with the absence of central authority.
Dev Managers often ask, "So what's my role?"

If your Development Manager is not the Product Owner, or the Scrum Master, or a contributing pig or chicken, they are left asking the obvious question, "What do I do?"

The legacy answer was to "stay out of the teams way!"  Agile enthusiasts agree this is the standard answer for a team governing itself.  However clever, this answer left the industry with a puzzle.

Now, finallly, the puzzle is solved.

The Stable Framework™, an out-of-the-box quality framework that can be dropped into Agile, provides the answer.

As the Master Chief, the Development Manager assumes their rightful place as the quality champion.  They are responsible for seeing to it that requirement reviews, architecture reviews, code reviews, estimation procedures, and all necessary testing gets completed using the best structural safeguards known to the team.  

Framework Overview

The Stable Framework™ Overview

An overview of how the Stable Framework™ components work together creating value within your organization.

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