Certified Stable Associate™

This certification is the starting point for understanding the potential benefits organizations can achieve by implementing The Stable Framework™.

The Certified Stable Associate™ (CSA) holder is a professional who understands the basic principles of Quality Management, Operational Excellence, Efficiency, and Effectiveness. The content is available by viewing a public training video, and the certification exam is available online.


Certified Stable Scrum Master™

Scrum + Stable provides a comprehensive formula for Operational Excellence.

The Certified Stable Scrum Master™ (CSSM) holder has learned Scrum, and how to incorporate The Stable Framework™ principles into Scrum, the most popular Agile framework.  Development teams can continue with Sprints and Kanban Boards, whereas Operations and Implementation teams can track their progress using Master Cycles. Certificate holders have demonstrated proficiency in both Scrum and Stable.  A CSA is required to obtain a CSSM.


Certified Stable Scrum Product Owner™

Leading a Scrum team is challenging. Leading a Scrum team while minimizing rework, scrap, and fire-fighting requires advanced quality management skills.

The Certified Stable Scrum Product Owner™ (CSSPO) is a professional ready to excel with Agile project management by directing Scrum teams with advanced quality management techniques enabling Operational Excellence within the organization.


Certified Stable Hybrid Product Owner™

The best of both worlds: Plan-based and Agile project management.

The Certified Stable Hybrid Product Owner™ (CSHPO) program trains Product Owners and Project Managers to combine the best elements of each others practices, into a hybrid project style that uses Project Charters, Work Breakdown Structures, Project Schedules, Gantt Charts, Sprints, Sprint Boards, Stand-up Meetings, and Burn-up Charts. Hybrid project management is a growing trend. A PMP® and a Scrum Master/Product Owner/PMI-ACP is recommend before obtaining this certification.


Certified Stable Software Estimator™

Software Estimation has always been a challenge...until now.

The Certified Stable Software Estimator™ (CSSE) has learned a set of techniques for estimating Agile, Plan-based, and Hybrid software projects.  Accurate estimation requires detailed architectural knowledge of a project concept, proactive project tracking throughout the development process, and Operational Excellence along the way, to minimize the unwanted hidden factory. Using a continually-improved estimation procedure,  CSSE students lean to go deeper than User Stories and estimate projects at the developer task level. They also learn to compare project concepts to industry performance data using Function-Point Counting.  Using continual self-calibration techniques, estimates improve over time.


Certified Stable Software Architect™

Good software architecture over bad has a dramatic impact over time for the company developing a product.  Bad architecture requires exponentially more headcount to maintain over time.

The Certified Stable Software Architect™ (CSA) is a professional developer trained in basic OOP, S.O.L.I.D., K.I.S.S., Agile Architecture, MVC, and other best practice industry norms.


Certified Stable Product Marketer™

Marketing is a skill-set beyond development.

The Certified Stable Product Marketer™ (CSPM) learns about commercializing new product concepts with the Lean Product Canvas. In addition, they learn about identifying pre and post marketing channels, building marketing war-maps, creating marketing cycles, emotional anchoring, visual messaging, and other non-SEO social-media techniques.

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A Certified Stable Process Owner™ is a 2 day training program
enabling your team to become capable of working within a Stable Framework™ environment successfully.

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